St. Paul Preparatory School Kiccha

Our Mission

The Mission of our school is to translate and give substance to our vision of transformation of the self and the society through an integrated formation with a Divine touch.
We prepare the students to be the active agents of change by way of :-

  • Making our educational institution “Centre of good news”.
  • Providing a congenial atmosphere of good experience to become God – centred persons to live in harmony with God, self, others and nature.
  • Transmitting right knowledge, moral, spiritual, religious and social values and thus develop each ones unique potentialities.
  • Formation of good character enabling them to be “Human & Humane” with a compassionate heart especially for the poor and the Marginalized.
  • Facilitating them to be good, honest and patriotic citizens of the country.
  • Including love & respect for life, nature, culture & religious.
  • Our Mission, thus is to inform young men and women of character, competence and conscience with deep sense of compassion and commitment to the mother earth and every human person by promoting human dignity, harmony, solidarity, collaboration and co-operation and create better world to live in.